Unguardable and Gen Get Set to Make Magic Gaming 5v5 Debuts During Seed Week Action

ORLANDO – It’s an exciting week ahead for Magic Gaming. Not only will they get to get to see the two newest members of their squad in 5v5 action for the first time, but they’ll also be put to the test against two of the top teams in the Eastern Conference as the NBA 2K League tips off seed week play.

On June 22, Magic Gaming acquired guard Joshua “Unguardable” Hunter and a future second round pick from Blazer5 Gaming, guard Wesley “Gen” McNair from Jazz Gaming, and a future second round selection from Pacers Gaming in a blockbuster four-team deal.

As part of that trade, Orlando sent Christopher “Duck” Charles and a future third round pick to Utah, a future first round pick (via Pacers Gaming) to Portland, and Blaine “BigReign” Wilson to Indiana. Pacers Gaming also netted a future third round pick from Portland, and Blazer5 Gaming nabbed a future first round pick from Utah and Andron “Lavish” Thomas from Indiana.

While Unguardable, on minimal practice time, played one contest for Magic Gaming in 3v3 action, this week will mark the first opportunity to unveil their electric new backcourt in 5v5. Both Unguardable and Gen are dynamic scorers capable of averaging over 20 points per game for their new club. And their arrival will certainly shake up Orlando’s lineup and offensive system.

“I come to the team as a score-first guard,” said Unguardable, the fifth overall pick in the 2022 NBA 2K League Draft. “Every team I’ve been on, I’ve produced offense. Offense is something that naturally comes to me. The last year or two, I’ve really been working on my transition game. I feel like in the 2K League, I’m probably the best transition scorer in the league, overall. That’s probably my biggest thing.”

With their odds to make the playoffs outright relatively thin, Magic Gaming will use the seed weeks to build momentum heading into THE TICKET, a 2KL tournament that grants a final postseason spot to a team in each conference.

“The biggest thing is we’re looking to build momentum towards THE TICKET,” said Magic Gaming General Manager and Head Coach Jonah Edwards. “At this point, it’s still possible and we certainly have hope that we can make the playoffs outright, but it would take a little more help than just us. So, we just want to show that we have the makings of potential going into THE TICKET.”

With that in mind, Magic Gaming may tinker with their lineup during various matchups but are expected to roll out Unguardable at point guard, Gen at shooting guard, Matthew “Matty” Grant at small forward, Justin “Snubby” Stemerman at power forward, and Robert “May” May at center.

If scrimmages are any indication of what lies ahead this week, expect Orlando to put up a lot more points than it has in the past, regardless of the results.

76ers GC on Wednesday at 8 p.m. ET: Magic Gaming has had two 3v3 series with 76ers GC go the distance this season, but ultimately Philadelphia has come out on top in both matchups.

Sitting on top of the Eastern Conference, 76ers GC has gained momentum throughout the course of the season. Winners of THE TURN, the most recent 2KL 5v5 tournament, Philadelphia has a dynamic backcourt led by MVP candidate Andre “Dre” Marshall and Enrique “630” Xavier Barraza.

“Most people will point to Dre as their primary scoring guard, but I would say for us, the biggest challenge is going to be 630, their shooting guard,” said Edwards. “He’s been the most efficient player in really the entire league since he’s been in Philly. He’s been really phenomenal. And Dre does a really good job of if the first twelve to fourteen seconds of the shot clock haven’t gone his way, he whips it over to 630 and lets him do his thing, which can really put a lot of pressure on the defense.”

Gen.G Tigers on Thursday at 7:30 p.m. ET: The task at hand doesn’t get much easier for Magic Gaming on Thursday when they face another top-three team in the East, going head-to-head with Gen.G. One of the best teams in the league at scoring off turnovers, Orlando will look to limit mistakes and prepare for some of the unique challenges that Gen.G presents.

“They do some unique things, the way they move up the court, (and) the way they use their center FEAST (Mihad Feratovic),” said Edwards. “Obviously, OTTR (Jaiden Frank), the number one overall pick (in the 2022 2KL Draft), he brings the ball up the court and tries to score early in the possession basically without a screen, which can be really unique and challenging in ways that other guards don’t really threaten you.”