Magic Gaming Esports Academy Frequently Asked Questions


What exactly is the Magic Gaming Esports Academy (MGEA)? 

The MGEA is a joint initiative between the Orlando Magic’s official Esports team, Magic Gaming, and Florida Blue. The goal of the Academy is to build relationships with local schools and individuals within the community with a mutual love for Esports. Our program looks to create awareness of the various career paths in Esports, and highlight unique opportunities to connect with industry experts, all while promoting health and wellness. 

How much does a MGEA membership cost? 

The MGEA is completely FREE! To become a member, sign up here: 

What benefits does the MGEA currently offer its members? 

As part of the MGEA, we host FREE monthly webinars that allow members of the Academy to learn from and interact with successful Esports professionals. Academy members also get to connect on our Discord channel, receive exclusive benefits such as unique giveaways, discounts on merchandise, and opportunities to welcome Magic Gaming into their schools. 

Who can register? 

While the MGEA was created to help High School and College students learn about Esports, ANYONE interested in joining our community is welcome, and yes that includes parents, teachers, Esports enthusiasts, etc.** 

**Note: Parental permission is required for those under 13 years of age.

When are Virtual Seminars held? 

Virtual seminars are currently held on the last Wednesday of every month (exact times and dates are subject to change) 

How do I attend the Virtual Seminars? 

Seminars are being held on Zoom. Once registered, you will receive emails regarding upcoming seminars during the week prior to each event, as well as an exclusive link to attend the live virtual seminar on the day of the event. 

Can I still view the content if I am unable to attend the Virtual Seminar? 

Yes! Once you become a member of the MGEA, you will have access to our entire catalog of past virtual seminars through an exclusive YouTube link. You are free to watch them live or catch up on past seminars if you desire to hear from a specific guest. 

What type of Esports professionals will speak at our Virtual Seminars? 

We plan to have esports professionals from a variety of different backgrounds and segments of the industry, to give our community a greater understanding of the diverse career opportunities that the esports industry currently offers. 

How can I schedule an in-person event at my school? 

While our monthly seminars are held virtually, we also visit schools in the community to connect with students who may be interested in a career in the esports industry. To set up an in-person school visit, have your school contact us at so we can set up a day & time to interact with students! 

What should we expect from school visits? 

Our visits to schools aim at connecting with students and answering any questions they may have about Magic Gaming, the Esports Academy, or even Esports as a whole. Our setup may vary depending on the school and the space available, but we typically bring a booth with some documentation, swag to give away, and one or two portable gaming cases to allow students to play PG games such as NBA2K, Rocket League, etc. This can be done during special school events, or simply to bring some fun on school days!