FutureClutch Ready to Help Magic Gaming Take Next Step

ORLANDO – “Chemistry is really everything. Names don’t win games. It’s all chemistry.”

Some very true words from Josue Acosta Gomez, Magic Gaming’s 31st overall pick in the 2021 NBA 2K League Draft, whose gamertag is “FutureClutch.”

Raised in Seaside, California, FutureClutch has been an avid 2K player since 2014. It was more recent, though, when the realization hit that he had the skills to actually make it a profession.

Just a couple months ago, the recently-turned 19-year-old sent direct messages to Magic Gaming center Robert “May” May and Gen.G point guard Jordan “JMoney” Martinez with hopes of joining their Pro-Am team, RDG.

They accepted him with open arms, which paid off big time. They won several tournaments, with FutureClutch making a name for himself in the process with his standout play.

Also during that time, he developed a strong bond with May, whom Orlando retained in the offseason. FutureClutch is also friendly with Daniel “DT” Tlais, another player the Magic have brought back.

Elated when he heard his name announced on Saturday night, FutureClutch can’t wait to make his way to the other side of the country and get to work with his new squad.

“I’m feeling great. I’m feeling real grateful. I’m over here jumping up and down. I’m going crazy right now,” he shouted with joy moments after getting drafted.

Making the night even more special for him was being able to share the experience with his family. They’ve gone through a lot the last several months after his brother passed away in September.

The perseverance to keep charging forward despite being faced with such a difficult life challenge makes him believe anything is attainable if you want it badly enough.

“I’m really proud. I just wish my brother could have still been here to see me in this journey. Sadly he isn’t,” he said. “I’m just happy my family all watched it. They are all really proud of me.”

While mostly known for being a lockdown defender, which is likely how Magic Gaming General Manager and Head Coach Jonah Edwards will utilize him this season, FutureClutch is a versatile player who can juggle multiple roles.

“I’m real defensive, but the thing is I play multiple positions and I’ve won money off different positions, so I can really say I’m versatile,” he said. “I’m not just a one-dimensional lock. I can really do anything.”