Reizey on Teaming With Profusion: ‘I Think We Will Be One of Top Backcourts in League’

ORLANDO – A teammate of Alex “Profusion” Snowden’s with Celtics Crossover Gaming the last two NBA 2K League seasons was Albano “oFAB” Thomallari, the assists leader in both 2018 and 2019. Having a savvy, smooth and versatile point guard on his side opened the floor up for Profusion, one of the league’s best outside shooters.

Now with Magic Gaming, which selected the Bellevue, Washington native in the second round of the 2020 draft, Profusion will get the opportunity to play with another elite point guard in Brendan “Reizey” Hill, last season’s Rookie of the Year.

Reizey, who like his counterpart in Boston was an MVP finalist in 2019, ranked fourth in the league in assists – which is great news for his new sharpshooting teammate, Profusion, a near 54 percent 3-point shooter during last year’s regular season.

“I actually think they play really similar,” Profusion said while comparing the two floor generals. “Both are really good passers and willing to pass the ball. Both of them know how to put it in the hoop. To be honest, I really don’t see that much of a change. They are both really good. I just have to play my game and I think everything will be good.”

Profusion was instrumental in Boston’s run to the semifinals last year. In a game against Pistons GT during THE TIPOFF, one of three NBA 2K League tournaments held during the season, he erupted for 36 points, drilling 15 of his 24 shot attempts and six of his 11 threes. He was also solid in Boston’s win over Orlando late in the year, scoring 11 points and making three triples.

Not being retained by the Celtics, which surprised many around the 2K community, allowed the Magic to add him to their core via the draft with their 35th overall pick. Everyone from Magic Gaming Head Coach Jonah Edwards to the players, including Reizey, were ecstatic that he was still on the board when the Magic were on the clock.

“He really changes the game just by being on the court,” Reizey said. “People respect his name so much that they don’t leave him open. It opens up the floor for me and the rest of us and allows us to succeed. It’s great having him. We’re still working out some chemistry kinks on the court. But once we get those solved, I think we will be one of the top backcourts in the league.”

Since the Magic started training for the upcoming season, which is now scheduled to tip off on May 5 with remote gameplay, Profusion has really impressed Edwards, the Magic’s second-year coach. Beyond his ability to consistently knock down shots from the perimeter, Profusion has shown he is able to make an impact in many other ways even if they don’t appear in the box score.

“One thing that’s impressed us with him is his defense,” Edwards said. “Out of the corner, he’s a pretty solid defender. In general, especially over the last few days, he’s taken a large step in his overall playmaking ability, which is something we’ve kind of tasked him with. One adaptation we found (from the new league build) is that we do feel like our sharpshooter has to also be able to play with the ball and we’ve asked that of him and he’s I think met this challenge.”

Other than adjusting to Florida’s warmer weather, which is obviously a change from what he’s used to being from Washington and living in Boston for portions of the last two years, Profusion says he’s enjoying his transition to Orlando and has already bonded with all of his new teammates.

Having a tight friendship with Brandon “ToXsiK” Raudenbush, whom he originally met playing 2K17, before he joined the squad has made the process even easier.

“Over here, he’s been helping me with my transition a lot,” Profusion said. “He helps me get closer with the guys that I don’t really know as well. If I ever need anything, he’s always there. I know he has my back. He’s a great friend to have.”

Now that they know when the season will begin, Profusion and his Magic teammates are currently working overtime to gear up. All 23 NBA 2K League teams will participate in regular season gameplay from their local markets for at least the next six weeks with games simulcast live on the NBA 2K League’s Twitch and YouTube channels.