Magic Gaming Announces New Partnership with Bud Light

Magic Gaming and Bud Light announce a new, multi-year partnership via live stream hosted on Bud Light’s own Twitch channel. This innovative partnership will focus on both the fans and NBA 2k players, capitalizing on the popularity of esports. In addition, Bud Light will become the presenting partner of the “Bud Light 2K Tournament series.”

“Magic Gaming is thrilled to have a recognizable and creative brand like Bud Light join our partnership family,” said Director of Magic Gaming, Ryan DeVos. “We are incredibly excited for what this partnership will bring our fans and the 2k world with some unique opportunities and insights.”

The Bud Light Tournament series will take place at various locations around Central Florida, providing NBA 2k players the chance to compete face-to-face for unique prizes and once-in-a-lifetime opportunities. The Bud Light Tournament series will also provide an opportunity for NBA 2K fans to watch their favorite players compete in person.

In addition, the partnership will feature “The 6 Pack,” a co-branded streaming series that will be hosted live on Twitch and will highlight Magic Gaming professional NBA 2K players, providing fans a behind-the-scenes look at their lives both on and off the gaming court.

“Partnering with Magic Gaming further highlights Bud Light’s commitment to the esports and gaming space,” said Director Bud Light Sports Marketing, Joe Barnes. “We look forward to developing innovative content and programs with the team as part of our 2020 program.”